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Current projects!

Our current projects are listed here. If you want to check the progress of yours, click on the link present here and you’ll be redirected to the current version of your project.

We’re taking new clients and new projects this summer. Want to build the next big thing? Head over to our official website to get more info or contact us directly from here!

Kings Lumber

A complete overhaul of a pre-existing website. The task is to create an e-commerce website.

Sardaar Jewelers

A full-fledged marketing campaign for a jewelry vendor. The portal below depicts the e-commerce website for the same.

Sangeet Gurukul

A re-touch of an existing website created by Coloring Clouds. Slight optimization included.

M.K. Textiles

Development of a portfolio website for a local textiles tycoon. Branding and Offline marketing are also part of the project.

Can’t find your Project in the list above?

It is possible that your project might not be at the development stage yet. Please contact us directly to know the current status of your project.

What is this Portal for?

This portal is just something for us to experiment features that later go into our primary website. Since we were creating it anyway, we molded it in a way that makes navigation of your project easier, hence adding value for you as well! That being said, the best ways to know about the status of your project are still:

  1. Contact us via phone
    Whenever a project is accepted, a member from our team is assigned to specifically make the project experience better for you. Feel free to reach out to us via phone and this member will make sure you are up to speed!
  2. Reach out via e-mail
    We are quick to respond via e-mail and can take a look at all the details of your project and share those details with you asap! Please make sure to reach out to us via your official e-mail only!
  3. Fill out the contact form
    You can also leverage the contact forms we’ve on our website. Based on your queries, our team members will either reach out to you via phone or e-mail.